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June 19, 2015

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The Globus family of brands Unveils 5 Reasons to Skate Across the Pond this Winter …

And Nearly 30 Vacations to Help You Enjoy Your Getaway

LITTLETON, Colorado – June 18, 2015 – There is great value in “Value Season” vacations: Those escapes that occur during the winter months, versus the height of the summer travel season. Now, the Globus family of brands is unveiling nearly three dozen river cruises, tours and independent vacation packages that showcase winter wonderlands, Christmas markets, the smallest crowds and best value all year.

According to the team at the Globus family of brands, there are five (5) reasons to go to Europe this winter:

  1. Mosey Up to Mona.  Fewer travelers in winter mean fewer crowds. Enjoy more space in museums, among the ruins and down cobblestone streets.
  2. More Bang for Your Euro.  Everything looks a little different in Europe during the winter, including the prices. From transportation and dining to shopping and sightseeing, enjoy plenty of discounts and deals.
  3. To Market, to Market.  Centuries-old Christmas markets offer unique crafts, toys and goodies to bring home, eliminating any reason to visit the dreaded mall.
  4. Meet Beppe. Not Bob.  While traveling during this time of year, the locals typically aren’t. This means there’s more time to get to know them and their beloved traditions.
  5. Glühwein!  If the snow-dusted castles and cathedrals of Europe don’t warm a traveler’s heart, this German-spiced mulled wine will.

“November or December is a great time to make Europe travel dreams come true,” said Steve Born, vice president of marketing for the Globus family of brands. “From holiday cruises on the Main, Rhine, and Danube Rivers and tours across the continent ranging from seven (7) to 31 days to all-in-one premium vacation packages in Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Venice and even Iceland, the Globus family of brands is giving travelers a reason to look forward to winter.” 

Vacation Highlights:

AVALON WATERWAYS (river cruises):

  • Romantic Rhine (8 days), priced from $2,398
  • Chrismastime on the Danube (9 days), priced from $2,369
  • Magnificent Europe (15 days), priced from $4,299

MONOGRAMS (independent vacation packages)

  • Paris & London (7 days), priced from $1,477
  • Rome, Florence & Venice (10 days), priced from $2,177
  • Reykjavik (3 days), priced from $730

GLOBUS (guided tours):

  • European Sampler (9 days from $2,149)
  • The Best of Spain (9 days), priced from $1,849
  • Italian Treasures (11 days), priced from $2,899
  • Imperial Splendors (10 days), priced from $2,169

COSMOS (guided tours):

  • European Jewels (12 days), priced from $1,949
  • Prague, Vienna & Budapest (9 days), priced from $999

For details about the Globus family of brands’ winter vacation offerings and to download a free, e-brochure, click here.

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