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Tips & Tricks for First Time River Cruisers

April 17, 2016

Healthy River Cruising

Hiking along the Danube

Bringing you more than just the views that river cruising is famous for. That’s Avalon’s goal for 2017. With a new Special Interest Cruise that allows passengers to get out and explore, plus a new spin on healthy eating, we’re putting YOU first on our river cruises.

Are you a traveler who isn’t content to just see, but would rather do on their vacation? Do you have passions, pastimes, and pursuits that you don’t want to leave behind on your journeys? Onboard one of our Special Interest Cruises, you can now experience everything from food and wine to art and must – on board and off – with other like-minded enthusiasts.

Our newest addition is our Active Discovery cruise, and that they are. In addition to cruising down the Danube, travelers can hike, bike and explore their way through the scenic and historic wonders of the world. On these exhilarating vacations, you don’t just walk through time. You jog through it. Don’t just float down rivers. Paddle down them. And when you’ve rightfully earned a slice of Linzer Torte, bake one yourself.

Bike along the Danube.

Bike along the Danube.

These action-packed itineraries include the chance to discover an ice cave, take an archery lesson, and even tend to a farm, its crops and its critters – keeping travelers moving and engaged. From ascending a mountain on a guided climb to descending into an underground salt mine, you and your sneakers can expect full immersion on this Active Discovery cruise.

Canoe on our new river cruise itinerary!

Canoe on our new river cruise itinerary!

Just as Avalon offers new ways to see the world, they also offer fresh ways to taste it. Committed to delivering local flavor right down to the table, our chefs use fresh, local ingredients to introduce travelers to regional delights as well as comfort them with Western favorites. And with the introduction of Avalon FreshSM  in 2017, travelers can guiltlessly indulge in the latest concept in “haute cuisine.” Avalon has teamed with Europe’s rising culinary stars, the Wrenkh brothers, to create a healthy, mouthwatering menu that combines the freshest ingredients from small farms and producers with surprising flavors and a dash of innovation. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling has never been easier.

Whenkh brothers

Whenkh brothers cooking up something tasty!

It’s this healthy innovation that Avalon Waterways is injecting into the river cruise experience that sets us apart from the rest. From bigger views to richer experiences to lighter fare, we’re charting a whole new course of action and getting on board with today’s active travelers.