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April 20, 2016

Tips & Tricks for First Time River Cruisers

Avalon First Time River Cruise Advice

Getting ready for your first Avalon Waterways river cruise? We asked our Facebook friends who have cruised with us in the past what advice they had for first time river cruisers. They’re dishing out their advice to YOU! Here’s what they had to say:

Joyce A.
Pack light! Choose a wardrobe that is mix and match (one main color). Unless you are exhausted, get out of your room (they are gorgeous) and meet people and explore your ship! Take advantage of all the tours possible, when will you ever be here again! Think outside the box, we did the Christmas market tour last December, absolutely wonderful! Always choose Avalon! ❤️
Joan G.
River Cruising is a great experience. I suggest a first timer research all the wonderful places along the river and chose the country/countries of most interest. Enjoy the history. After touring the cities and villages, cruising on the ship is relaxing. The food is excellent and the crew treats you very well. Since there are only between 138 and 150 vacationers on the ship, you get to enjoy everyone's company. Don't hesitate to make plans with Avalon.
Pat D.
Don't try to "see everything". Don't take every optional excursion - relax some. Pack light. Europe sells all necessities that we have in states... Maybe a different brand but that's fun, shopping for them. Listen to cruise director talks... They are experienced and can guide you for your free time. Keep a journal. Most importantly have fun!!! Looking forward to the fall and our next cruise.
Pat Kerlin P.
“My advice is to chill out. There may be a hitch or two but don't lose your cool. Enjoy the scenery and the tours. Enjoy meeting people from all over the world. I was on a cruise where we encountered the lock operators strike. Everyone remember that you have booked your cruise with the best company. Avalon goes over and above to ensure passengers have the best trip possible.”
Kathleen Chase T.
The bed faced out towards the river. Our cabin was extremely spacious compared to regular balcony cabins because the balcony space has to come out of your cabin space. The slider is corner to corner of your room. These suite ships are fabulous! I did Amsterdam to Budapest and highly recommend Avalon. Any 7 day Danube or Rhine is a great place for a 1st time river trip. So many Castles and beautiful Churches. Just can't go wrong! Go online and order their beautiful big brochure. So much easier than trying to see everything online. That's my tip! Brochure gives a much better picture of all the choices
Lou Ann B.
Enjoy every minute. The wonderful staff will take care of everything for you. Absolutely no worries and enjoy your new friends.
Rosemary F.
This will be the best cruise you will ever take. If you are exhausted when you first arrive, make sure you have enough sleep time so you will be ready for your excursions. Remember, you don't have to do everything all at once. If you are not interested in one excursion, relax that day. Try to take advantage to whatever is offered to you.
Carolyn C.
Just enjoy the cruise and participate on the walking tours. The walks are wonderful. The dinners were yummy and a great time to meet fellow passengers.
Pamela R.
Soak in the many beautiful sights while on the Rhine [or whichever river you choose to cruise], enjoy the wonderful tours Avalon offers you and plan on meeting some really great people on your travels!
Arlene D.
Unpack, relax, and enjoy the wonderful job that Avalon does. We cruised from Basel to Vienna, and loved laying in bed watching the beautiful scenery go by. Or we would sit in the lounge with fellow passengers, enjoying a cappuccino and taking in the sights. Avalon is our choice for river cruising. ?  
Rose D.
1) Understand that river cruising is entirely different from ocean cruising. 2) Pack for casual comfort; basic color(s) so you can mix and match. Bring a good pair of walking shoes and leave your evening gowns and tuxes at home. 3) Go to the Avalon Waterways website. Click on "Why Avalon" to get a good glimpse of life aboard your ship and possible excursions. Click on "Brochures" and then, "River Cruise Guides." Request the brochure for your cruise to see the places you'll soon be visiting. 4) Contact your credit card/debit card companies and tell them when and where you are going. 5) Check with your cell phone provider to see if your device will work in other countries. Turn data off to avoid unexpected expenses. 6) Make sure your passport is valid 6 months beyond the last date of your trip. 7) Keep your passport and Avalon travel documents with you; don't pack in your checked luggage. 8) Put your Avalon Cruise Director's name & number in your phone list. 9) Invest in travel insurance, because even if you're 100% fit, illness and injuries happen. 10) Stay calm if your trip doesn't go as planned. Avalon people are highly experienced, ready to assist and come up with alternatives. 11) Pack your sense of humor, keep an open mind and get ready for a travel experience that will bring new friendships and lifelong memories.

Have you cruised with us before and want to add your tips & tricks? Comment on our Facebook so new river cruisers can read your advice!