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September 15, 2016

A Fresh Perspective on River Cruising

Introducing Avalon Fresh

For Avalon Waterways, innovation doesn’t stop at unique design and award-winning ships. We are bringing fresh ideas to the table in 2017… literally.

We think that travelers should be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling, without having to sacrifice the flavor and delight of European cuisine. The Avalon Fresh menu, which will be available on all Avalon Europe fleet at the start of 2017, was crafted by Austrian brothers and rising culinary stars, Karl and Leo Wrenkh. Raised in the first high-quality restaurant in Vienna, the brothers merge their cooking styles through the use of nutritious ingredients and the desire to create delicious, international cuisine. The menu will highlight European specialties and will offer vegetarian and gluten-free options without sacrificing any of the flavor!

Watch to Learn More about Avalon Fresh

Check out some of the delicious dishes that you might see on your 2017 Avalon cruise!