A Fresh Perspective on River Cruising

4 Perfect Places for a Romantic Getaway

December 1, 2016

River Cruising at ANY Age

There is a stigma around river cruising, specifically that it is a luxurious travel-style that caters to older adults. We interviewed three people from different age groups to put this myth to rest and to hear their perspectives on river cruising and why it truly provides an unforgettable vacation for all ages and interests!


Morgan Duggan, Age 23

What did you like most about river cruising? Never having to move hotels and being able to come back to the same room but still being in a completely different city every night! You get to see so many amazing places while never losing the comfort of your room, the ship and the friendly faces of others on board.

What surprised you the most? What surprised me most was definitely the atmosphere and the other people on the river cruise. Everyone was so incredibly friendly and inclusive and the atmosphere just felt so GOOD because of it. My luggage was delayed and several passengers even offered to let me borrow clothes!


Scott Everhart, Age 32

What did you like the most about river cruising? I liked getting to see smaller, less-touristy European towns. The places that we went were much more intimate than the places I likely would have chosen had I traveled on my own.

What surprised you the most? I was surprised to find that I did not mind having excursions pre-planned for me… actually, I enjoyed it. It was nice to just wake up and get off the ship and not have to think too much about what to do that day or how to get there.


Nancy Warner, Age 51

What did you like the most about river cruising? I liked the small ship and the intimate setting. It offers you the opportunity to meet new people, many of whom become life-long friends!

What surprised you the most? I was surprised at how many friends I made. Because you are with the same small group for your meals and excursions, you become quite close.