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February 3, 2017

4 Perfect Places for a Romantic Getaway

With so many great places to fall in love with (and to fall in love IN), we thought we’d share a few of our picks for the loveliest places to visit!

Giverny, France – Known as the home and inspiration behind Claude Monet’s romantic and whimsical Series paintings, a visit to Giverny feels oddly familiar. A stroll through Monet’s gardens, with soft light, dreamy, drooping trees and pastel lily pads make it easy to imagine staying a while.


Bruges, Belgium – Called the Venice of the North, this medieval city is one of Belgium’s crown jewels. The winding cobblestone streets and historic homes are charming and well-preserved. And with endless chocolate shops to choose from, Bruges always has something sweet to offer.


Paris, France – Is any list of romantic destinations complete without the City of Love itself? Between the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower, evening strolls along the Siene and tasty sweets shared between lovers at a café, Paris is dreamy and perfect for parties of two.

paris skyline

Prague, Czech Republic – Prague feels like stepping into your favorite fairytale – the skyline is a sea of spires, red roofs and dimly lit homes, reflecting softly off of the Vltava River. The old-world feel is undeniably charming and makes Prague a perfect place for a romantic getaway.