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July 3, 2019

Who’s This ‘Adventure Host?’

Watching centuries of history slowly pass you by is an adventure in itself. But what if elevating your heart rate a few extra beats is more your speed? Meet your Avalon Adventure HostSM. In addition to included active excursions, your Adventure Host holds the gear, maps, and guidance for optional and free-time pursuits on board and on shore. With a visit to our Adventure Center, you can check out a bike for a scenic ride through town, grab a map and Nordic walking sticks and hike to a hillside vineyard or castle, or join a jog or active walk through the great cities or the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking for an optional kayaking excursion or a complimentary yoga class on the Sky Deck, your Adventure Host can make it happen.

We sat down with Hristo, the Adventure Host aboard the Avalon Impression, and asked him to tell us a little bit more about himself and his role.

How did you become an Adventure Host with Avalon Waterways?

I have been a personal trainer since 2011 and have spent time working on ocean cruise ships as well as river cruises, encouraging guests to stay active on their vacations. My experience includes weights, aerobics, Pilates, yoga, band work, as well as strength and conditioning exercises.

What onboard Adventure Host activity is a favorite activity among Avalon guests?

Yoga is a favorite on every itinerary, at any time of day.

What is the average class size?

At the beginning of the week, the average class size is five to seven guests. Those guests become regulars and often inspire others to join my hosted activities as their vacation progresses. My busiest classes are always towards the end of each cruise.

What activities do you enjoy most with guests?

I enjoy taking guests on guided hikes – to nearby hills and parks. I also guide walks through local green space and help guests enjoy regional biking outings. Biking has become an absolute favorite among guests. They check-out our complimentary bikes when they aren’t completing excursions or they want a day to explore on their own, at leisure.

How many activities a day do you plan?

Our schedule is fluid, but based on each day’s offerings, sailings and meal times. There’s always one activity planned a day; often two and sometimes even three. Of course, guests can check-out bikes, take walks or hikes any time we’re docked. We have 16 bikes and 16 sets of Nordic walking sticks on board each ship that are complimentary for guest use.

Do you have some favorite areas for hiking or biking along Europe’s picturesque rivers?

Personally, I love hiking near the Moselle River. It’s really beautiful with vineyards, hills, castles and views.  Rudesheim provides similar scenery.  Vienna and the Wachau Valley – as well as the parks near Linz – are my favorites for biking. There are wonderful bike paths that make it easy for experienced and amateur bikers alike.

Ask an Adventure Host for their tips and tricks on your next Avalon cruise!