February 22, 2021

Your Dreams & Pam Hoffee’s Favorite Things

“Until we cruise the world’s waterways together again, keep dreaming! I certainly am.”

Pam Hoffee, Managing Director of Avalon Waterways

As the Managing Director of Avalon Waterways, I don’t always have a lot of time to reminisce and reflect about favorite travel moments. But, during this “layover,” I have made an effort to imagine and dream about the world waiting for me – for all of us. And I’ve been thinking a lot about exploring Europe where rivers – and Rieslings – flow.

As we anticipate the day we will, once again, hear the words, “Welcome Aboard,” I wanted to share with you a few “favorites” from my experiences on the world’s rivers. I hope they inspire you to dream a little more about the special experiences that await us all.


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Avalon Choice
The American Cemetery in Normandy

As the daughter of a career Air Force veteran, military service means a lot to me. So does this excursion. To witness, first-hand, the bravery and ultimate sacrifice of so many Americans is something I will never forget.

Avalon Discovery Cruises
Canoeing the Danube

It’s a peaceful way to enjoy the river – to connect with nature, local wildlife and fellow travelers. And on hot days, you can even take a dip in the Danube (a fun story – and memory – to bring home).

Avalon Discovery Cruises
Van Gogh Painting Workshop

This class elevated a non-painter, like me, to feel like Van Gogh, learning his signature style in a city (Amsterdam) he loved.


Moselle RIver Cruise
To me, the most beautiful sailing river is the Moselle. The Moselle (or Mosel as the Germans call her) winds its way through fairytale villages, with vineyards climbing up the steep slopes of its shore. Land is always close by, framing picture-perfect views around every bend.
Avalon Suite Ship
My favorite space onboard is our Club Lounge. Located at the aft of each Suite Ship, it’s a quiet place to get away and read a book, catch up on work and most importantly, indulge in my caffeine addiction.
Avalon Suite Ship
Waking up to enjoy panoramic views in my bed that faces the scenery and our special, Open-Air Balconies. I can’t resist falling asleep with the curtains wide open so I don’t miss a moment to witness the world passing me by.
Avalon Fresh Dining
I love lunch at the Sky Grill. It’s so refreshing to sit on the Sky Deck with a nice breeze, watching the views of the world around me, while having lunch, a glass of wine & a fun chat with new friends.