April 18, 2016

Rose D.

Avalon First Time River Cruise Advice

1) Understand that river cruising is entirely different from ocean cruising. 2) Pack for casual comfort; basic color(s) so you can mix and match. Bring a good pair of walking shoes and leave your evening gowns and tuxes at home. 3) Go to the Avalon Waterways website. Click on “Why Avalon” to get a good glimpse of life aboard your ship and possible excursions. Click on “Brochures” and then, “River Cruise Guides.” Request the brochure for your cruise to see the places you’ll soon be visiting. 4) Contact your credit card/debit card companies and tell them when and where you are going. 5) Check with your cell phone provider to see if your device will work in other countries. Turn data off to avoid unexpected expenses. 6) Make sure your passport is valid 6 months beyond the last date of your trip. 7) Keep your passport and Avalon travel documents with you; don’t pack in your checked luggage. 8) Put your Avalon Cruise Director’s name & number in your phone list. 9) Invest in travel insurance, because even if you’re 100% fit, illness and injuries happen. 10) Stay calm if your trip doesn’t go as planned. Avalon people are highly experienced, ready to assist and come up with alternatives. 11) Pack your sense of humor, keep an open mind and get ready for a travel experience that will bring new friendships and lifelong memories.